Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Self Imposed

Dylan got in trouble for being mean to his brother (he actually pushed him off the picnic table while outside eating snacks). He got scolded and put into the corner for 4 minutes of timeout. The microwave timer was set and we went about our business while Dylan whimpered in the corner. I look over to see how much time he has left, and saw that Liam had scooted his own chair to the timeout corner. He honestly wants to do EVERYTHING his older brother does... even if it involves punishment! What do we do when Liam is ready for timeout? It obviously wont be punishment for him. Help!

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csperriton said...

This is too funny! He wants to be just like his big brother. I'm sure Averie is so sick of hearing, "Kempton is just a baby, you go to time-out!" We just got the go-ahead to start giving Kempton time-out at his 18 month appointment. Averie will be soooo happy!