Tuesday, October 27, 2009


My mom and I caught a show of Wicked in San Francisco this last weekend.

It was AWESOME!!

I highly recommend seeing it!

Unfortunately, we weren't able to get very many pictures and NONE together! :(

Oh well, we were able to get one picture of a homeless guy's shopping cart full of stuff though
(when he walked in front of the camera while we were taking a picture)

8 Months Old

Madeline at 8 Months

Here she is in her hot pink toggle coat.

This is her scrunchy "Nay Nay" Face.
She scrunches her nose and says "nay nay" over and over again.


Her favorite toy is this singing chair.
She LOVES to climb on it.


Other 8 month milestones:

Pulling up to everything
4 top teeth coming through
Eating more and more solid food all by herself
Playing with her brothers
Gibber Gabbering about everything

Fall Is Finally Here!

We made our yearly trip back to the pumpkin patch recently with the preschool.
Now it is Liam's turn to tour the pumpkin patch with his class, since it is his first year of school and Dylan is now in Kindergarten.

Class Picture

Getting big...

Picking Corn...

Lovely views...

Liam in his pumpkin shirt

Madeline enjoyed her first pumpkin experience.

We sure missed Dylan, though!

Sunday, October 04, 2009


Looking through some pictures I took several weeks ago I saw these pictures and they made me laugh.
How many times do we feel like throwing a tantrum like this?
I can tell what the trials of having a girl is already.
Just wait till she's a teenager!

Starting to get annoyed....

Definitely getting a little fed up....

Ok, mom... I'm really mad now!!

Kicking and screaming.....

You are ruining my life, Mom!!!

Does this make a bad Mommy?
First that I kept snapping the pictures and second that I posted them?

The Boys

Liam wants to be a baby all the time. This includes sleeping in Madeline's crib, wearing diapers, being rocked, and rolling around on the floor making baby noises.
I am thinking he is going to grow out of this any day.

Anything and EVERYTHING can and will be used as a costume.

Some costumes that have yet to be caught on camera are:
Peter Parker/Superman/Power Ranger/Soldier Combo (that one is an interesting one, I tell ya!)

I do not cage my children.
They do this voluntarily!! I swear!!

Madeline at 7 months

Madeline recently reached the 7 month milestone and she is officially a mover and a shaker. 

She is crawling.... EVERYWHERE!!!

And she got to wear these adorable crawling leggings.  They have been sitting in her closet since her baby shower just waiting to be used!

And she is pulling up to everything.
I couldn't even believe it the first time I saw it!!!

She enjoys eating her Puffs at her high chair (well, lets be honest... she will eat ANYTHING) and will sit there quietly while I make dinner, while we eat dinner and while I clean up dinner. She is is a lifesaver for mommy.
 Her brothers couldn't sit still for more than 
5 seconds!

She is taking baths in the big bath tub and doesn't even look that tiny in it anymore. 

And, the other day, I heard her wake up from her nap and went in to find this.....

Very scary for Mommy, but hilarious to Mady!

We love our little Mady!