Sunday, October 04, 2009


Looking through some pictures I took several weeks ago I saw these pictures and they made me laugh.
How many times do we feel like throwing a tantrum like this?
I can tell what the trials of having a girl is already.
Just wait till she's a teenager!

Starting to get annoyed....

Definitely getting a little fed up....

Ok, mom... I'm really mad now!!

Kicking and screaming.....

You are ruining my life, Mom!!!

Does this make a bad Mommy?
First that I kept snapping the pictures and second that I posted them?


Cyndy and George said...

I feel like that most days. As a matter of fact I have tantrums like that most days too! Gotta love Mady. You know when her tantrum is outta control like that things are REALLY bad. She is usually so happy.

Laura said...

Fantastic pictures!!