Monday, August 18, 2008

Just the 2 of us....

Liam has a new friend

His name is SPIDERMAN

Liam and Spiderman do everything together. Like in this picture, first thing in the morning, Liam and Spiderman are on their way out to the kitchen to eat some breakfast...

And here, after breakfast, Liam and Spiderman are playing together....

Liam and Spiderman getting ready for church. And Spiderman did make it to church also, he wanted to be right with the Lord, but we didn't get any pictures of that.

Here Spiderman and Liam are eating. Spiderman always takes the first bite... to make sure it tastes good.

Spiderman also takes baths... every night! He has had a busy day.....

And here Spiderman is getting a little horsey ride before bed. Liam loves Spiderman and he makes sure Spiderman is getting all the attention he deserves...
Spiderman also has gone to Target many times, driven in the car for errands, eaten at restaurants, gone to Grandma's house and also Grandpa Stevens house. Spiderman has also made it to swim lessons and to playgroup.
I have never seen a child keep such good track of a toy before. Liam and Spiderman have quite the bond. It is a beautiful thing.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


I've been 'tagged' by my friend Kim to share 6 of my quirks...hope it's worth while.. hopefully I am not exposed as too much of a freak after this!

1. I cannot stand the sound of someone eating. (My brother used this to his advantage a lot while we were growing up) I don't like the sound of slurping, excessive crunching, scraping or any other related sound. Having children has given me a new tolerance for it though. But only for humans under the age of 5....

2. Before leaving on a long car trip I always take my car to get washed and cleaned inside and out. I can't stand sitting in a dirty car for a long period of time. And then I usually go straight to the car wash the day after we get back home.

3. I have gotten very claustrophobic as I get older. When falling asleep at night I cannot have the covers pulled up any farther than my shoulders (definitely not touching my face) or have anyone touching me.

4. I am a backseat driver to the extreme. I get so nervous when other people drive that I do the "invisible break pedal" where I slam my foot into the floor expecting it to stop the car or I tap on the door when they are getting too close to the car in front of us, and it gets excessively harder and faster the closer we get, and I have been known to blurt out "WATCH OUT!" or "OH NO!" involuntary (which usually results in the driver jumping and makes me even more nervous).

5. I tend to worry about my health or the health of my family to a point that it could be called hypochondria. I have thought I had SARS, Monkey Pox and I have learned to keep most of those concerns in my head because of the ridicule my family en stows upon me for it.

6. I am against ketchup at breakfast (it is a condiment that should only be used after 12 noon) and that goes for salsa, too...and fruit at dinner time, such as on pineapple on pizza, fruit should not be mixed with meat.

Thanks now I have to tag 6 I tag Cyndy, Mollie, Maggie, Nicole, Amber and Laura.