Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crazy Boys

3 crazy boys + 1 video camera + toy bin + entertainment center = Hilarious!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day In the Life...

It occurred to me recently that my oldest child will soon be a daily school goer. We will no longer have the luxury of sitting home all day and doing nothing with no where to go. Last year I would not really have minded this. I am not much of a home body and usually plan at least one activity that takes us out of the house per day. 
Somehow, realizing that my little guy will be getting up and ready for school every single weekday for the next 13 years got me a little sentimental about the last 4 years we have spent together. All of the banana french toast we have made late in the morning. All of the Caillou that has been watched. All of the morning trips to the park or to the store....
See? I am getting all emotional again!

While laying around on Mommy's bed the other morning I looked around and realized how good I have it. I had all 3 of my children playing together and enjoying eachother.
I just wanted to always remember this day and how good it made me feel so I pulled out the camera and started snapping pictures.

Once my children realized they were being photographed they decided to ham it up! And, yes, my boys literally run around in only their undies whenever they are home. I have not been able to talk them into putting on pants yet. (believe me, I have tried!)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Liam's First Day

Liam started preschool today!

He was begging to go to school this whole last year.
Now, he is FINALLY old enough!

We took pictures out front first...

Spiderman lunch box!!!

Both boys VERY excited about going to school together!

Finding his cubby....

And get right into business! 
He said goodbye and I stood there with tears in my eyes!

Madeline is Three Months Old!

Little Mady May is 3 months old!

She is getting SO big... literally!

She loves to smile, talk and is getting quite a bossy personality. She rarely needs to actually cry for what she wants, she simply yells at us.

She is adorable and we LOVE her SO much!!!

Last Day Of Preschool

Dylan had his last official day of preschool recently.

Although he will be doing 6 weeks of Preschool Summer School, he will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall.

Dylan has spent the last 2 years at this preschool and I can hardly believe that it has been that long! He was such a tiny little boy the first day I dropped him off. It was only 2 months before his third birthday and he seemed so little in that big building.

Now, 2 years later, he has learned to write, read, play with other children, follow directions, learned his address, and also had all kinds of experiences he wouldn't otherwise have gotten.
He has:
Taken field trips to the farm, dairy, pumpkin patch
Learned about professions and met Eye Doctors, Trash Collectors, Police Men, and Firefighters
(just to name a few)
Participated in school productions, spring programs, and parades.
Made all kinds of new friends that he talks about ALL the time.

Mostly, he formed such a wonderful relationship with his teacher of the last 2 years,
Mrs. Lobb.

Here are Mrs. Lobb and Dylan the last day of his first year of preschool...

And here they are the last day of this year of preschool...

All of the teachers at the preschool are so loving and fun. Dylan just loves all of them!
Mrs. Sigmund even lets Liam participate in the festivities!

School is SOOO much fun!