Sunday, October 04, 2009

Madeline at 7 months

Madeline recently reached the 7 month milestone and she is officially a mover and a shaker. 

She is crawling.... EVERYWHERE!!!

And she got to wear these adorable crawling leggings.  They have been sitting in her closet since her baby shower just waiting to be used!

And she is pulling up to everything.
I couldn't even believe it the first time I saw it!!!

She enjoys eating her Puffs at her high chair (well, lets be honest... she will eat ANYTHING) and will sit there quietly while I make dinner, while we eat dinner and while I clean up dinner. She is is a lifesaver for mommy.
 Her brothers couldn't sit still for more than 
5 seconds!

She is taking baths in the big bath tub and doesn't even look that tiny in it anymore. 

And, the other day, I heard her wake up from her nap and went in to find this.....

Very scary for Mommy, but hilarious to Mady!

We love our little Mady!


Brian, Emily, and Violet said...

Mady is so adorable, it's hard to believe that's she's already 7 months old, wow! Great pictures Heidi!

The McCarthys said...

time to move the crib in the mattress down! we just set up the toddler bed for Katie and she slept in it last night for the first time. she woke up at 5:45 wandering through the house...after a few minutes she started yelling for mommy and daddy. we still have the crib set up in her room just in case she isn't ready for the toddler bed. we'll give it a week and see what happens! BTW...i love, love your hardwood floors. did you do them in the whole house? did you do them yourself or did you hire someone to do it?

Scott and Becky Burdick said...

So precious!!! :-)