Monday, March 30, 2009

Future NRA Member?? Gun Engineer, maybe??

Dylan's latest hobby is building guns. He can build a gun out of anything... and I mean ANYTHING! 
His favorite medium is legos, though.

One night in the bath tub he built a gun out of sponge letters.

He builds the guns and then tells me what kind of gun it is. Such as: "Shot Gun", "Double Barrel Shot Gun", "Star Wars Gun", "Pistol", "Police Gun", "Sniper Gun".
Is anyone else as worried about my son's mental stability as I am?
Is this the first sign... the "red flag"???

He has built guns out of a scrap of paper, a piece of toast. That was a funny story, actually. 
It went like this:

Mom: Dylan, eat your breakfast please.

Dylan: Look... its a gun! 
(He holds up a half eaten piece of toast that resembles the shape of a gun)

Mom: Dylan, why do feel the need to build a gun out of everything? Guns are dangerous, you know?

Dylan: Mom... its just toast!

Now do you see why I am so excited for this little girl to start playing with Barbies???

Boy's Only

The boys took a weekend trip to Sacramento this weekend to wish Great Grandpa Whatley a Happy 80th Birthday.

They got to take the train and they had a blast.

Waiting in the train station...

Madeline is sad her brother's are leaving...

Watching the train pull up...

Our bags are packed and we're ready to go!

Mommy held back tears as she took this picture :(

Madeline and Mommy had a great Girl's Weekend, 
but we sure were glad to welcome the boys back!

No Training Wheels!!

Dylan recently learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!

He narrowly missed hitting both a car and his brother before he got it right.

What a big kid!!


On Valentine's Day,
A beautiful bouquet of flowers came to my door.
Were they from my husband?
My children?

They were from my dad.
And little did I know that the next month another bouquet would also arrive at my door.
And every month after that for a year.

I love my dad.

I hope my daughter feels this loved by her father as she grows up.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Month Old

I can't believe our little girl is already one month old. 
The time really goes fast and she is growing and changing so much everyday.
She is still calm and content.
She is still doted on by everyone (especially her brothers).
And we couldn't imagine our family without her.

Madeline's Blessing Day

Madeline's Blessing Day

 March 22, 2009

A Wedding

My brother got married at this beautiful place in St. George, Utah

We had a rehearsal

And took some pictures before the big event

The boys were ring bearers

Kaylee's niece and nephew were also in the wedding

Here comes the bride!

Repeating their vows

Enjoying the reception

Madeline got to wear a pretty dress

A lovely dance

A farewell and new beginning

Sunday, March 08, 2009


Photo Shoot

This is proof she really does cry
(Only when she is hungry)
Much better now... This was the first outfit that actually fit little Madeline.

Liam was reliving his younger years

First Dress!!!
We had to buy the newborn size that she will outgrow in a matter of days, but it actually fits!

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Madeline's Birth Story

The Story Of Madeline's Birth

On Friday the 20th of February, at Mommy's last doctors appointment, we were told by the doctor to come to the hospital the next morning at 8am to be induced. Unfortunately, they were too crowded and we were rescheduled for the next day. Since we weren't going to the hospital that day, we decided to go to breakfast with Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Chris. On his way to Grandma's house, Daddy got into an accident and, although he was not injured, the car wasn't so lucky.

The next morning Dylan and Liam went to play with Grandpa and Uncle Chris while Mommy and Daddy went to the hospital. By 11 am the first contractions started and the pain medication was requested. A little after 3pm Madeline decided she was ready to come out and after only about 3 pushes she was born at exactly 3:30 pm.

It was a relaxing birth and dare I say... easy??! No complications and no stress resulted in a very relaxed, calm baby. Madeline cried for about 5 seconds and then decided to just "take it all in" for about the next 3 hours. She did not close her eyes once until around 7pm.

Our beautiful baby girl

Such a sweet baby

Daddy's turn

Grandma already spoiling her rotten


Dylan gets a chance to meet his sister and loves her immediately

Liam being so gentle with Madeline

The boys watching Uncle Chris and Madeline getting to know one another

On Her Way Home

Getting her "going home" outfit on

We were so excited to leave the hospital and make our way home

Finally ready.