Monday, March 30, 2009

Future NRA Member?? Gun Engineer, maybe??

Dylan's latest hobby is building guns. He can build a gun out of anything... and I mean ANYTHING! 
His favorite medium is legos, though.

One night in the bath tub he built a gun out of sponge letters.

He builds the guns and then tells me what kind of gun it is. Such as: "Shot Gun", "Double Barrel Shot Gun", "Star Wars Gun", "Pistol", "Police Gun", "Sniper Gun".
Is anyone else as worried about my son's mental stability as I am?
Is this the first sign... the "red flag"???

He has built guns out of a scrap of paper, a piece of toast. That was a funny story, actually. 
It went like this:

Mom: Dylan, eat your breakfast please.

Dylan: Look... its a gun! 
(He holds up a half eaten piece of toast that resembles the shape of a gun)

Mom: Dylan, why do feel the need to build a gun out of everything? Guns are dangerous, you know?

Dylan: Mom... its just toast!

Now do you see why I am so excited for this little girl to start playing with Barbies???


Karyl said...

Uh, I hate to break it to you but with 2 older brothers she'll probably be building guns too. :)

Gwyn and Thomas Thiele said...

Heidi it could mean he will hunt with Aunt Gwyn and Uncle Thomas let him come stay with us for some time and not only will he tell you what kind of gun but what animal you can kill with that type of gun. TJ did the same thing no need to worry.

Peggy said...

"Mom, it's just toast!" That is hilarious!!!

Cyndy and George said...

If I were you I would be worried.... very very worried!

Heidi Best said...

Ummm... no! She definitely will not be building guns. Unless her Barbies open up a gun store. :)

Ter said...

haha haha that is so funny Heidi... I can just see the next fame... Barbie opening a gun store... hurry in and help build them...LOL LOL LOL!!!

Patricia Peterson said...

This is such a great story! I've always thought that boys come out of the womb making sounds and building guns and cars. Girls can be influenced by their brothers. It will be interesting to see what happens!