Monday, March 30, 2009


On Valentine's Day,
A beautiful bouquet of flowers came to my door.
Were they from my husband?
My children?

They were from my dad.
And little did I know that the next month another bouquet would also arrive at my door.
And every month after that for a year.

I love my dad.

I hope my daughter feels this loved by her father as she grows up.


Rhonda said...

Wow what a great dad! You are a lucky girl!

csperriton said...

How sweet of your Dad. This is even better than your hubby bringing flowers because you don't have to pay for it! :)

Cyndy and George said...

He is a very remarkable man, thats for sure!

Suzettes comment cracks me up!

Ter said...

Beautiful flowers for a beautiful women..... Heidi you are so loved by so many people... always remember that!!

Auntie Ter loves you so very much as well... I miss your beautiful smile and laugh....