Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Liam is a character.

He is my "opportunity for parental growth"

He knows what sets me off, knows how to drive me crazy, knows how to keep me laughing, and definitely knows how to work his uncontrollable adorableness.

He loves super heroes.
Here  superman is showing off his super strength by 
"lifting a ladder with mine own two hands"

And here doing the same thing with a chair.
Wow... he is strong, no?

Super Boy

One of my concerns with Liam, lately.....

he wants to be a baby again.
including wanting to wear diapers for fun.
crawling around the house.
and mimicking whatever Madeline does to get the same attention.

Hmmm.... wonder why that is...

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Cyndy and George said...

He makes me laugh every day! The crazy thing is... when he wants to be a "baby" it DOES get him the attention he is looking for! Gotta LOVE Liam!