Thursday, August 13, 2009


Somehow 5 years have FLOWN by and now my baby boy is starting kindergarten.
He was VERY excited.
Dylan was looking forward, mostly, to wearing his new shoes, backpack, lunch box and astronaut shirt to school. 
(he has carried around his new shoes, inside their box, around the house since we bought them 4 days ago... Including the dinner table and bed!)
I have a feeling this will be a great year.
I am so proud of him!!!!


csperriton said...

He looks so big! How are you feeling? Was it hard to let go? What a big milestone!

Averie turns five September 30 so we aren't putting her in kindergarten til next year. I have one more year with three kids at home all day!

Heidi Best said...

Dylan doesn't turn 5 until november, but he has had 2 years of preschool. He is definitely ready, in my opinion. You were in the same situation as Avery growing up, though. You had a Sept. birthday, too right?