Saturday, May 09, 2009

Water Park

As previously mentioned, since my children no longer sleep in the afternoons, I am always looking for something to keep them busy.

We decided to get ice cream cones and go to the park.
This park has a water feature that they love running around in.

On this particular day I remembered their swim suits, so they weren't running around in their undies.

And to our surprise we had friends from school that were already there!

Madeline was more interested in sun bathing than running through the water.
(Grandma, notice the new outfit!)

Dylan and his friend from school
Liam pretty much never leaves the water, the entire time.

And the other big accomplishment of the day was...........

We caught a smile on camera!!!
Madeline usually only gives one smile per day, per customer.
But, I think she was extra happy today.


Fiagle Family said...

she is so cute..congrats..(even if i am a little behind on things :)
I know I hate no naps too

Erica said...

Oh my gosh, so cute!! I LOVE the outfit, and she looks SO old now!! Adorable!

Looks like the boys had fun at the water park, too!!

Scott and Becky Burdick said...

What a cutie. She already looks so much older! By the way, when did Visalia get a park with a water feature? Man, everything has changed.

Heidi Best said...


Visalia is not what it used to be! Maybe you guys should consider a move back??? Please?

Ter said...

What a beautiful smile!!!! She is getting so big... And yes yellow and pink sure are her colors... but then I think all the outfits I have seen her in so far, are her colors..... hahaha...

Cyndy and George said...

LOVE the smiles! LOVE the pink Osh Kosh! LOVE LOVE the bracelet. She is a princess. I can't believe you caught a smile on camera. She must have really been having a good day.

Dylan and Liam look like they enjoyed the water. Sorry I missed it.

Laura said...

Such a cute smile! I love that stage.