Monday, May 18, 2009

My Little Helper

Dylan is an amazing little boy.
He loves to help.
This morning while I was getting ready, I noticed Madeline wasn't screaming at me like she usually does while she sits on the bed waiting for me.

As I looked around the corner I heard Dylan singing "Wheels on the bus".
The cutest part is that he was singing it to Madeline while doing the motions with her legs and arms. 
(He learned this from his Daddy who used this song and actions to calm our children when they were all babies)

As you can see, she LOVED it. 
Madeline and Dylan are forming quite a cute little brother/sister connection.
I love my kids!!


Ter said...

OOOOOOOOoooo that smile!!! She sure does radiate doesn't she.... you should get her laughing an record it... Uncle Scott and I just wanna kiss her cheeks... Heidi I am really proud of you... your such a great mommy!!!

Scott and Becky Burdick said...

Heidi - she has the cutest smile! I hope that I get to meet her in person soon. You must so proud of your boys, what nice brothers. Madeline is very lucky.

Rhonda said...

They are all so cute! She is such a happy baby.

csperriton said...

They is so cute! This proves that (maybe) it gets easier after three because they start to take care of eachother. It is so much fun to dress up little girls. We must take advantage now while we still have the control! :)

Clark and Jolie said...

I really enjoyed reading all your latest posts. The kids are sure cute!!