Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, Liam!!

Happy Birthday, Liam George Best
Born November 17, 2006
On this day in 2006, little Liam Best came into the world.
He came into our lives 20 minutes before midnight
(20 minutes before his brother's birthday, too)
He was sweet from day one.
And my world has never been the same.

Liam: Age 2

Favorite Things-

Spiderman, Superman, Batman... any other super hero

His Brother

Mini Pancakes

Mini Corn Dogs

Going to Brother's School

Animals, repeating all their sounds

Grandma, Grandpa and Grandpa Stevens

Favorite Sayings:

"Spiderman shoots webs"

"I go home now"

"You sit necca me?"


"I have to go to the bass-room"

"Watch Peter Parkers?"

"Grandpa/Grandma, you take me to chool?"

Happy Birthday, Liam!!

I love you!!!

Love, Mommy


Katie said...

Happy Birthday Liam!

Cyndy and George said...

awwww THAT is such a sweet post. Our lives have been so blessed by having Liam in our family. He is such a sweet and tender hearted little boy! Happy Birthday Liam. You are definitely Grandma's favorite. :)

Ter said...

Happy Birthday Liam... you are indeed a sweet ittle boy....I wish I could get to know you better...

Patricia Peterson said...

I can't decide which picture is my favorite, the bath picture with the cute belly or the first birthday cake! what cute boys. Can't wait to see their sister!