Monday, November 03, 2008

Big Boys Now

As my babies are about to turn 2 yrs old and 4 yrs old this month, I was informed that they are no longer babies.
Well, this requires new big boy beds!!!

This weekend they got their new bunk bed all set up and ready to sleep in! Dylan gets the top and Liam gets the bottom.
I can't believe they are this big already!
This is what they were sleeping in before.....
No more crib for Liam.... once they can climb out, whats the point really??

Dylan's toddler bed..... He had to sleep crooked so his long legs would fit on it.

Oh well... time for my baby boys to grow up. Soon a new baby will be here and I will get a whole new round of the "baby life".


Cyndy and George said...

LOVE the new bed! They grow up way too fast.

Ter said...

Dylan looks so tiny on the bed.... but I love the way it looks... it is huge!!! how did the first night go on it????

Heather said...

That bed is great!!! And I love your paint job! did you do that yourself?