Thursday, September 11, 2008

Best Friends

My little boys are becoming the best of friends.
They love playing together (and fighting together).
Wrestling matches, debating over which Spiderman movie is better....
Conversation goes like this:
Liam: "Watch Green Goblin, Mommy? Please?"
Dylan: "NO! Dr. Octavius!"
Liam: "No, D-yan! Green Goblin!"
Dylan: "Dr. Octavius is better!"
Liam: "No, D-yan!" Green Goblin hit Spiderman! Spiderman shoots webs, D-yan. Watch Green Goblin!"
Mommy: "Ok, boys. Lets watch Green Goblin first, then Dr. Octavius. Ok?"
They are growing so fast and are so fun to watch. I can't wait for them to become even better friends as they grow.
But sometimes don't wish you could just pause time and keep them how they are now, forever?


Laura said...

Totally. It makes me sad to think that they are going to grow up and leave me :( Sweet little post. I love how much they LOVE Spiderman. Is that what Liam is going to be for Halloween?

Cyndy and George said...

They don't just love spiderman... Liam is obsessed. That is all he talks about. His newest line is... Spiderman shoots webs, right? No matter what you say to him his response is always... Spiderman shoots webs, right?

the best's said...

Liam is definitely going to be spiderman for halloween (and probably every other day, too).

Do you know what Grant wants to be, yet?