Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Back to School

Dylan's back in school!
This is his second year of preschool and he now goes 3 days a week for 5 hours a day!
And.... He gets to take a lunch! Woo-hoo! (He loves that part)

Now I have 3 whole days with only 1 child in tow.

I have been getting a lot done....

1. We went to Target

2. We went to lunch with Grandma

3. We went to the park with friends (Liam had a blast with Grant and mommy got to actually have a real adult conversation with her friend, Laura)

4. We hung out with our playgroup friends

5. Mommy did some school work

6. We got the car washed

Hmmm.... It seemed like a lot more before I wrote it all down. But, Dylan loves school and absolutely LOVES learning anything anyone will teach him. (and he retains absolutely everything anyone has ever said to him or around him since he was born almost 4 years ago...which can be scary)

He sure was getting bored sitting around the house since summer preschool ended. I am just glad he has something fun to do now.

And Liam is happy to have some alone time... I think.


Ter said...

awww he looks so grown up!!! One more year and he starts kindergarten right? WOW! amazing...

Cyndy and George said...

7. You went on a whirlwind airplane trip to Vegas with me for our "research" project.

8. Put together the Relief Society calendar/newsletter.

9. Worked on after school tutoring with a high school student.

10. Furniture shopping in Fresno.

11. Meetings with the enrichment committee to organize super Saturday.

12. Sewing day with Aubrey and Peggy to create hooded towels.

13. Hanging out at Grandma's hot tub.

See you were WAYYYYY busier than you thought! Now go take a nap or something!

Heather said...

Ok - I love the list of things you got done and then that it seemed like a lot more. I am definitely a list girl and if I start it after I have already done a few things -- I add the things I already did just so I can cross them off - I guess I should have added that to my quirks!

the best's said...

Heather- Oh, I am the queen of lists. I make a list everyday. I like the idea of putting things on there you have already done, though.
Like, take a shower.... CHECK!

I might try that. :)

the best's said...

By the way, thanks Mom... now I do feel tired after reading your additions!