Friday, March 26, 2010

Madeline: The World's Most Adorable 1 Year Old!!!!

Since time seems to FLY by I wanted to take some time to sit down and write down what our little Madeline Lorraine Best is like at One Year Old.
(Because I want to remember every detail of her little life 
and what an amazing gift she has been in my life)

1.) She is very serious about 2 things in life: Eating and Sleeping! 
2.) She loves her silky blankets and does an adorable little "Ahhhhhhhh" every time she grabs one and holds it to her cheek.
3.) Baby Dolls also get the "Ahhhhh" from Madeline when she hugs one. She then hands it to whoever is closest to her to also "Ahhhh" and hug the baby.
3.) Fruit of any kind she will devour every morsel put in front of her.
4.) She just learned to drink out of a straw.
5.) She loves to chase after her brothers and do anything they are doing.
6.) She expects to eat exactly the same thing as anyone else at the dinner table. If she sees it and it is not on her plate, expect a taradactol screech. 
7.) LOVES shoes.
8.) HATES hairbows.
9.) Loves to sit on her "stoop" at the bottom of Grandma and Grandpa's stairs.
10.) Says, "Da da", "Ma Ma", "Day Day" (dylan), "Nigh Nigh" (night night)
11.) Loves her Cinderella Tea Set
12.) Will hover around who ever is cooking in the kitchen, begging for little nibbles.
13.) Has an adorable "CHEESE!" face.
14.) She is probably even MORE of a binky addict than her brother Dylan was... if that is even possible!
15.) Gives the BEST leg hugs (runs up and hugs your legs as tight as she can).
16.) Absolutely the sweetest little girl ever made!