Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween Kick-Off Party and Jack-O-Lantern Carving Competion

Witches Brew!!!

The return of Jack-o lantern pizzas!

Liam couldn't wait to start his costume wearing (2 days in advance)

Madeline watched the festivities from a warm bath

Uncle Chris and Grandpa, hard at work

Dylan and Daddy's Team

Grandpa and Liam's Team
They made a Happy Pumpkin

Dylan made a Scary Pumpkin

Chris's pumpkin looked a little Asian
I don't think that was planned, though.

Halloween Morning we had Pumpkin Pie Pancakes
The pancakes were also dressed in costumes.
(this is a snail, if you can't tell)

On our way to Trick or Treat!

Darth Vader and the Ballerina (or princess)

Storm Trooper
(captain rex)

Liam was a little confused by the end.
He was also a little wacky, including yelling "KABOOM!!!!!" or "BINGO!!!!" after receiving candy at EVERY house.
He received a finger puppet at one house and decided to then name it Bingo, and then continued to tell everyone who opened the door that the puppet's name was Bingo.
And sorry to the lady who answered the door that Liam named "GREEN BEAN". His actual words were, "Thank you, GREEN BEAN!!".
I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.
I am so glad that my children are so hilarious. It makes a night of trick or treating that much more fun!


csperriton said...

Love the coordinating costumes, so fun! Liam is a crack up, where do they come up with these things?

Chris and Kaylee said...

Thank you for letting us tag along with the Halloween "KABOOM" activities! Your children do keep us entertained!

I'm Elizabeth said...

Hey Heidi...maybe green bean was a compliment! Your kids make me smile and Madeline is growing up so fast! -Elizabeth