Monday, July 20, 2009


Good bye good old duck chair.
You have been good to us.
We purchased you when we were poor.
You survived 5 years and 3 kids.
You only cost $15 at Walmart.
You are the only baby item to last through all 3 kids.
You do not vibrate anymore.
You still come clean after a run through a washing machine.
Many a baby have eaten in you.
Rocked in you.
Cried in you.
We will miss you.
Mady is too big for you now, but you will always have a place in our hearts.

Madeline in Duck Chair - 2009
Liam in Duck Chair - 2006
Dylan in Duck Chair 2004

Madeline's New High Chair!!!

What a big girl!


Cyndy and George said...

Dang I'm going to miss that duck chair. Does anyone else think Dylan looks exactly the same today as he did when he sat in the duck chair? Kinda creepy!

Chris and Kaylee said...

So are you saying there is no hope for a fourth Best child?

Cyndy and George said...

There is ALWAYS hope. NEVER give up the hope!

Heidi Best said...

I do think dylan looks exactly the same. I even see it in his newborn pictures. And you should never give up hope, but I am not saying the chances are very good....