Saturday, December 20, 2008

Birthday Time!!

This is my brother Chris.
His middle name is Lenoy.
Yesterday was his birthday.
When we were little I used to call him Christopher "annoys me" Christiansen.
One time I threw his Ninja Turtle against the fireplace and it broke into a ton of pieces. He cried.
(He still uses that one against me to prove how horrible I am.)
When we were little and swimming in our backyard pool I would float on my stomach and pretend I had drowned. He would run into the house screaming. I did it over and over for years. It never got old.
(I think he would still fall for it now.)
We did have a lot of fun, though. We still do.
He makes me laugh.
Usually because he is making fun of someone else.
Happy Birthday, Chris!
Your sister.
Sorry about the Ninja Turtle.

This is my Dad.
His birthday is today.
He is the best dad I ever had.
He is kind and the "strong, silent type".
We love to quote every single line from the movie Ghostbusters.
(That movie's lines can really work in absolutely every situation you come across in life!)
He is an unbelievable Grandpa.
Happy Birthday, Dad!!
your daughter


Chris and Kaylee said...

We did have a lot of fun times growing up! I think you're right, the floating thing probably would make me run screaming still. I will let the Ninja Turtle thing slide just for today, tomorrow might be a different story. Thanks for all the good times and the laughs I couldn't ask for a better big sister. Love always, your little brother.

Cyndy and George said...

What a sweet tribute! I wonder if we will ever hear the end of that Ninja Turtle????

Laura said...

How sweet! You sound like a fabulous big sister.....or maybe just a typical one. :)

Maggie said...

You sound like the kind of big sister I was to my little sister. I used to ram the back of her tricycle with my bike and hide her sleepy blanket! Maybe you should buy him a new ninja turtle. Nice tribute to your brother and dad!

the best's said...

I should buy him a new one... he has been whining about it for about 20 years now. :)

Ter said...

hahaha... I can almost guarantee that I am one of the ones he makes fun of.... I can see him laughing at big 'ole auntie ter... oh well! nice tribute.

Patricia Peterson said...

I laughed so hard. I think the pool trick is the funniest thing. Especially since you think (and I agree) that he would still fall for it!! Happy B-Day Chris

Laura said...

We really like our pictures. Thanks so much for taking them. Aaron has cropped a few that we have used for facebook but I have not had a chance to go through them and decide where I want to hang them. Thanks again!